Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay for Saturday's!

What a week, What a week! 
I have to apologize for not posting much this week! We got our half the carpets cleaned in our house this morning *we have to get the rest done next weekend, there's not enough room to move all our stuff off our carpets* . So on top of my everyday crazy business I have I have been moving everything out of the play room and bedroom and closets so the carpets could get cleaned, Also I decided since everything was out of the rooms I should wash walls and baseboards...Ya what was I thinking? lol I got the play room walls done and the closet in there, But I still need to get the baseboards done in there, Then I still have our room! So it looks like this job will continue through the weekend, It will look so nice when I'm done though! 

I've been fighting a headache all week this week! That hasn't been fun! And also might be why the rooms are taking that much longer! 

Today I have my quilt group this morning! I'm excited! this is my 3rd month of going and I've learned so much there! This will be my first month of doing the project they do we are making pot holders! 
I will have to post pictures later when I get home! 
So that's the fun part of my day! then It's back to cleaning when I get home! 

That's all that's really been going on this week! Sorry for not much excitement or posting! I'm going to try to get back on top of things after this next week! =) 

Have a blessed weekend everyone! 
-The Creative Housewife!


  1. whew Im feeling tired just reading all the stuff you have been doing! Blah I always feel better when my house is super clean so keep at it! I feeling the need to wash my floor now....

  2. thanks for the congrats and don't get so hard on yourself. We all have those weeks! :)

  3. Hi, I'm a little slow in getting your prize box off to you. It WILL be on its way soon. I was not up to speed last week, and this week is not much better. I think all my activities caught up with me.

  4. I think you need to take a break!! holy WOW!!