Monday, November 9, 2009

What a-day Monday!

Hi everyone! 
I really apoligize! I know I promised I was going to catch up from last weeks slackin' over the weekend , And then didn't get to post at all! 
I got so busy with family and projects that I needed to get done and spending some very much well needed time with the dear hubby! 

I need to thank you all for all the wonderful comments I have been getting! 
 I finally got on here to catch up on everyones blogs this morning! Then was off to work on the Christmas cards! 

I do want to tell everyone how excited I am to to have an KREATIV  award from Katie this morning,  I felt very blessed! Thank you Katie!  Which Katie is also one of my ornament swappers! I'm also super excited about that too! =) 

And then I also got super excited Saturday! I found out that I was the 100th post winner over at Heart song!
I have never won anything EVER in my entire life! So I was really excited! 
Thank you! 

I have a lot of things to get updated on my Christmas to do list! I think I'm like really close to being done! 
I will be trying to update that tonight! 
Along with some pictures. 
Right now I have a kid screaming at me for snack and dinner in the making so, I hope everyone is doing GREAT and had a fantastic weekend! 
Christmas is right around the corner! 
I'm getting really excited! 

Well time to go for now! 
-The creative housekeeper!  


  1. you did the housekeeper thing again!

  2. Wow! Thanks! I need to get like a signature thing or something other wise ppl might think i'm weird lol.