Monday, November 9, 2009

What a-day Monday part 2!

Wow so I'm actually getting to another post!
Which mostly will be pictures! =)
And an update on my Christmas To do list!

1-Make tree skirt
2-Make stockings for pup & Bonnie!! -was going to make the dear hubby and I ours too! but can't find or afford the fabric this year! so maybe next year!
3-Make pin wheel ornaments! -Hope they turn out good! I've had alot of ornaments I've tried to make turn out like crap!
4-Make ribbon ornaments!- Sounds simple! but very time consuming!
5-Make Rag ball ornaments!- They were one of those ornaments that didn't turn out!
6-Make Christmas cards!
7-Make Christmas party invitations!
8-Finish rice bag covers for a friend! 
9- Make dogie bandannas -For my sorta but not really sister and her boyfriend!
10- Make Felt ornaments! -Ok so I got them done but didn't even remember to put them on my list in the first place :( 
11-Make Jewelry for Nieces Christmas presents!   It's not quite done! I got one of the necklaces made though!
12-Get Christmas card list  made up for 2009
13- Make the little dudes New sew blanket for Christmas present!
14- Make Gift tags for Christmas presents! 
15- Make Cat nip bags for kitties for Christmas! my mom has three and I have 1! =) 
16- Make hand warmers for dear hubby for a stocking stuffer! 

wow so I only have a couple more things to get done on there! Looks like my goal for the end of the month really is going to happen this year! then it' will be time for baking baking baking and wrapping wrapping wrapping ! 
December just goes by so darn fast! Wish it would last longer! 
And my cleaning list is never ending! I swear! 

Now time for pictures from the last week! I don't have many.. I will take some more tomorrow if possible!

The little dudes blanket I made him for Christmas!

Dear hubby's Birthday cake I made him! usually I go all out with decorating cakes but didn't have time this year! =( 

The dear hubby helpin' me with my tree skirt! it was so huge! 

All cut and pinned! now time to sew! *yes it is a new sew blanket! but it still had to be sewed a bit! 

The finished product! very happy with it! Took forever but looks super cute! It's also way bigger then it looks! 

Well that's all for now! off to shower and then to bed to get ready for another crazy day ahead of me tomorrow! 

God bless everyone! 
-The Creative housekeeper!


  1. so cute! Can't believe your Hubs helped! Mine would be like 'no thanks!"