Monday, January 18, 2010

A Great Valentines Day Swap!

Hey Everyone! 
Sorry I know I mentioned pictures this afternoon! 
But today kinda got away from me! I was at the church helping with things all day! 
I almost *sadly* Forgot about this other super amazing swap I signed up for over at LOVES OF LIFE!
So go on go join! You know you want too! :) 

Loves of Life


Check out this swap!

I'm super new to all these swaps! BUT they just make me so excited when I see a new one! I can't wait to host my own.. Just tryin' to think of something to swap! If anyone has suggestions there more then welcome!

less apathy.more cake

Go on over THERE and sign up! It's gonna be a blast!

I'm tryin' to get some pictures uploaded to the computer this afternoon to do a post! :)
Happy Monday!
-The Creative Housewife!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Thursday!

So I don't have alot of time but I made up this recipe a few months back when I was stumped on what to make for dinner! And I made it last night for dinner and thought omgsh I HAVE got to share this recipe!
Now I don't have a picture I got sidetracked last night and totally forgot to snap it before it was gone!

I call it, well I still don't have a good name for it yet! And please bear with me I'm one of those people that just kinda through things in and rarely measure anything! I am trying to get better it's just hard! lol
Anyway, Gosh enough with the ramblings!
Here is the recipe!

1/2-1 lb of ground beef  ( It depends on how meaty you want it! )
1 can of cream soup ( I have used celery, mushroom and chicken before. But mushroom and chicken do the best!)
1 3rd of a onion chopped however big you want them! (your choice of onion they all work!)
pepper to taste
salt to taste
I use a bit of table salt & Garlic salt!
 5-8 medium potatoes ( I cut them in 1/4s and then slice them they cook faster, Also I leave the peel on them and just wash them real good!
In large skillet! ( I use my electric skillet ) brown ground beef and as soon as you don's see alot of pink anymore add the onion and potato (depending on how greasy your beef is you might have to add a bit more oil for the potatoes! Cook on medium heat until potatoes are soft and slightly browned, add can of soup and half a can of milk ( pour the soup in and then fill the can half way with milk and dump that in there)
.let simmer until heated through !
Cover and let sit for about 10 minutes.
And serve!!  :)
You can put just about anything in it! like corn, mixed veggies, mushrooms well ANYTHING! lol
Hope you enjoy it as much as we doo :)

Well not off to figure out what I'm going to make for dinner and to try and get my fabric organizing done today! I want to work on projects so bad!

Happy Thursday!
-The Creative housekeeper!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


WOW So the past month has been SOO CRAZY!
Why it's been busy,
The hubs side of grandparents were in town for TWO weeks! I love them to death and it's so great that they are able to come up here twice a year from CO to spend time with all of us! but omgsh It gets soo exhausting! lol
Then LOADS of baking! It was a blast I loved it! just took alot of time!
We had our annual Christmas party-Next year I'm thinking of doing a new years instead..
Spent three days at my moms over Christmas, She doesn't live far but with the roads and weather it was just easier to stay up there! The day after Christmas is her Birthday so we spent that with her and had a ton of fun!
wow when I type it up it doesn't seem like I had that much going but I did! lol
This week and most of last week I have spent my time getting my house back in order.. It needed some serious TLC I have most of it back together and clean now just working on my craft room! :) it's getting better should be done with it today!
The hubs Totally blessed me for Christmas!
I got a Cricut! Which I have been wanting ohhh so badly since I first saw there info commercial! And then he also surprised me with a Brother 60 stitch computerized LIGHT WEIGHT sewing machine! It's amazing! Although outside of the couple days at my moms I have yet to get to play with them much because I have been so busy with CHORES!

My Birthday is coming up here soon! And I'm thinking about trying to do a give-a-way for it! I'm not 100% sure yet! but that's what I would like to do too!
I'm also thinking about doing a Craft room show off! where everyone will link up to it and show off there craft rooms! :) I think it would be a ton of fun! :)

Well I'm off to try to finish my craft room! :) Wish me luck! I'm organizing my paper today! :)

God Bless!
The Creative Housewife!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look at this great givaway!

Hey everyone sorry I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to post ! it's been crazy around here! 

I just wanted to tell you about this amazing giveaway! 
it's over at The craft rookie! She makes the best gift tags EVER! 

There are lots of ways to enter to so check it out! :) 

-The Creative housewife! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baking, Baking, Baking!

That's what I did ALL day yesterday!
I don't have time to put up recipes or pictures today! The power was out most of the day today so it set me back a bit! 
But here is what I baked yesterday! 
I started with a new recipe! 
Pumpkin cheesecake strussle bars! 
Then I made 2 loaves of banana bread 
2 loaves of Zucchini bread 
and 2 loaves of homemade bread! 

And oh boy my house STILL smells like fresh breads! 
Today I've just been trying to get my house put back together from getting the carpets cleaned! 
I had to go get some shopping done for Christmas baking and a few household things.. * managed to do that before the little dude got here* 
Then I stopped by a friends house and picked up a bunch of stuff she had for me! It's crazy we are always giving each other random stuff! you would think we would run out of things to give to each other hahaha.

Last night I went to a stampin' up gathering! It was a blast! I had so much fun! *the dear hubby is like oh boy another thing for her to be addicted too hahaha* Yup! he's right! I bought one set and that was it! lol I think I will limit myself to one thing a time! at most! there will be months where I won't buy them at all probably! 
I'm going to try really hard to get some pictures up this week! I'm not making any promises though! 

Well I have a million things to get done and it's already THREE! so I gotta run! 
Have a very blessed afternoon blogger friends! 
-The Creative housewife!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm still here I promise!

It's been so crazy around here! 
I am trying my hardest to get back on top of blogging this week! :)
The carpets are now finally all clean! YAY no more tearing the house apart! :) 
So now I just have to get everything back into place, And then next weekend bring out the Christmas decorations! :)Which I'm very excited about! 

I need to do a update on the Christmas to do list! I've gotten my Christmas party invitations COMPLETELY done! And same goes for my Christmas cards! :) 
Some time this week I will get together my Christmas Baking list! Oh boy! :) And next week the baking starts! 

Is anyone going shopping on black Friday? I'm going but not early! I think I might go about 7 that's what we did last year! and still got some good sales! I don't really have any more Christmas shopping left to do. There is just a couple of things I want to look for the house! 
I'm going to be doing some baking today :) So maybe I will pick a couple of the recipes and post them  with pictures :) 
I took a super cute picture of the dear hubby and I for our Christmas cards.. I made my own cards but used costco to make wallets and then put a super cute border around them! :) 

Well I hate to say this but I don't have alot of time to write this morning it's a crazy week ahead of me! 
Today: I have lots of baking I need to get done I've been putting it off for too long now! Then our washer is leaking so I have a mound of laundry that I should be doing but I have to call someone to come look at it! 
Clean the craft room! it's been the catchall for a couple weeks now with getting the carpets cleaned everything has had to be moved all over the place! 
I need to get everything out of the play room and put back in the living room! 
Then I have a mile long list of housework I've been putting off! 
Ehh And I will save tomorrows to-do list for later ( I want to see how much I get done today) 

Have a great day everyone! 
Hopefully I will be back with at least pictures of my baking?  =)

-The Creative Housewife!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yay for Saturday's!

What a week, What a week! 
I have to apologize for not posting much this week! We got our half the carpets cleaned in our house this morning *we have to get the rest done next weekend, there's not enough room to move all our stuff off our carpets* . So on top of my everyday crazy business I have I have been moving everything out of the play room and bedroom and closets so the carpets could get cleaned, Also I decided since everything was out of the rooms I should wash walls and baseboards...Ya what was I thinking? lol I got the play room walls done and the closet in there, But I still need to get the baseboards done in there, Then I still have our room! So it looks like this job will continue through the weekend, It will look so nice when I'm done though! 

I've been fighting a headache all week this week! That hasn't been fun! And also might be why the rooms are taking that much longer! 

Today I have my quilt group this morning! I'm excited! this is my 3rd month of going and I've learned so much there! This will be my first month of doing the project they do we are making pot holders! 
I will have to post pictures later when I get home! 
So that's the fun part of my day! then It's back to cleaning when I get home! 

That's all that's really been going on this week! Sorry for not much excitement or posting! I'm going to try to get back on top of things after this next week! =) 

Have a blessed weekend everyone! 
-The Creative Housewife!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Award already? How exciting! =)

I would like to make a HUGE thank you to Katie!
For giving me such an amazing award!

Seven things you may not know about me! *Or maybe you do*
1- I want a child so badly that it hurts!
2- I have been married for over  a year now =)
3- I love the Lord! and how he gets us through some of the toughest times!
4-I watch kids day to day in my home!
5-I'm an organizing-aholic
6-I'm addicted to Joann's and walmart!
7- I really want it to snow!

1-sew dang cute!
2- heartsong
3-smashed peas and carrots!
4-The hrebiceks!
5- Crap I've made!
6- Rachel's Craft room!
7- Crystals craft spot!

Directions if you have been tagged!!
1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

I will be on to comment the people I gave awards to later on this afternoon! 

-The Creative housewife!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What a-day Monday part 2!

Wow so I'm actually getting to another post!
Which mostly will be pictures! =)
And an update on my Christmas To do list!

1-Make tree skirt
2-Make stockings for pup & Bonnie!! -was going to make the dear hubby and I ours too! but can't find or afford the fabric this year! so maybe next year!
3-Make pin wheel ornaments! -Hope they turn out good! I've had alot of ornaments I've tried to make turn out like crap!
4-Make ribbon ornaments!- Sounds simple! but very time consuming!
5-Make Rag ball ornaments!- They were one of those ornaments that didn't turn out!
6-Make Christmas cards!
7-Make Christmas party invitations!
8-Finish rice bag covers for a friend! 
9- Make dogie bandannas -For my sorta but not really sister and her boyfriend!
10- Make Felt ornaments! -Ok so I got them done but didn't even remember to put them on my list in the first place :( 
11-Make Jewelry for Nieces Christmas presents!   It's not quite done! I got one of the necklaces made though!
12-Get Christmas card list  made up for 2009
13- Make the little dudes New sew blanket for Christmas present!
14- Make Gift tags for Christmas presents! 
15- Make Cat nip bags for kitties for Christmas! my mom has three and I have 1! =) 
16- Make hand warmers for dear hubby for a stocking stuffer! 

wow so I only have a couple more things to get done on there! Looks like my goal for the end of the month really is going to happen this year! then it' will be time for baking baking baking and wrapping wrapping wrapping ! 
December just goes by so darn fast! Wish it would last longer! 
And my cleaning list is never ending! I swear! 

Now time for pictures from the last week! I don't have many.. I will take some more tomorrow if possible!

The little dudes blanket I made him for Christmas!

Dear hubby's Birthday cake I made him! usually I go all out with decorating cakes but didn't have time this year! =( 

The dear hubby helpin' me with my tree skirt! it was so huge! 

All cut and pinned! now time to sew! *yes it is a new sew blanket! but it still had to be sewed a bit! 

The finished product! very happy with it! Took forever but looks super cute! It's also way bigger then it looks! 

Well that's all for now! off to shower and then to bed to get ready for another crazy day ahead of me tomorrow! 

God bless everyone! 
-The Creative housekeeper!