Friday, November 6, 2009

Wow! TGIF everyone!

Wow I can't believe it's FRIDAY! another week just zoomed by me before  I knew it! 

Sorry this will be a quick post! 
BUT I promise! I will try and get some good blogging in this weekend! *hopefully!* 
It's been busy but not alot has happened this week.. weird I know! 
Yesterday was the dear hubby's birthday so we spent time alone together! *even though we don't have kids it seems we never get time alone together!* 
So that was nice and I made a special dinner for the 2 of us! It was fun! 
And tonight I'm making dinner for the whole family and having a small birthday party for him =) 
It will be fun I'm excited! 
I've gotten lots of cleaning done! And a couple of things done for Christmas! 
And honestly that's about it! 

OHH and I just realized this I have been writing -THE CREATIVE HOUSEKEEPER!!!!!!! on the past few posts I've done! Gosh I guess that's what I get for doing them late at night! Gosh! 
Well I'm off to start working on dinner for tonight! 
Hope everyone is having a great Friday! 
-The Creative housewife!


  1. haha i noticed the housekeeper. i wondered about that ;-)

    glad you had a good week!

  2. Hi friend, YOU are the winner of my 100th Post!!! Send me an email and I'll get started on your bracelet. I need your wrist size and color of the beads you'd like. Or since we both love Christmas, I could easily do red and green! ;) Oh, and your mailing address, too, please!

  3. Congratulations Megan! I'm know you're going to love your gifts. :-)

  4. I left you an award on my blog!! I will put my ornament in the mail towards the end of the week!!