Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is this week going by fast or what?

I mean gosh don't get me wrong I'm very happy that this week has gone by fast! 
I've gotten alot done! 
I have some things to mark off on my Christmas to do list! :) Woo hoo! 
But I also have things to add too! 
Yesterday was great! sorry I didn't get posting a blog! But the dear hubby came home sick! 
So I had a lazy yet not so lazy day! Most the time when I say I've had a lazy day It usually means I got NOTHING DONE! well that wasn't the case for yesterday! I took all my stuff for my felt ornaments into the living room and the little dude brought his toys out there too, And we the three of us lounged and watched movies all day! It was great! and in the afternoon and into the evening I was able to get ALL my felt ornaments done! well most of them! some of them I thought looked ridiculous so I just tossed them! I had got the felt REALLY cheap at Joann's so it wasn't a big loss! 
So I will be marking them off my list today! Sorry for no pictures! Possibly sometime this afternoon? Hopefully! 
So here is a update on the Christmas to do list! :)

1-Make tree skirt
2-Make stockings for pup & Bonnie!! -was going to make the dear hubby and I ours too! but can't find or afford the fabric this year! so maybe next year!
3-Make pin wheel ornaments! -Hope they turn out good! I've had alot of ornaments I've tried to make turn out like crap!
4-Make ribbon ornaments!- Sounds simple! but very time consuming!
5-Make Rag ball ornaments!- They were one of those ornaments that didn't turn out!
6-Make Christmas cards!
7-Make Christmas party invitations!
8-Finish rice bag covers for a friend! 
9- Make dogie bandannas -For my sorta but not really sister and her boyfriend!
10- Make Felt ornaments! -Ok so I got them done but didn't even remember to put them on my list in the first place :( 
11-Make Jewelry for Nieces Christmas presents!
12-Get Christmas card list  made up for 2009
13- Make the little dudes New sew blanket for Christmas present!
14- Make Gift tags for Christmas presents! 
WRAPPING PRESENTS! That is a huge job in it's self! 
And my Christmas baking! Another list in its self!

K now I'm really hoping I don't keep having to add things to this! other wise I'm never going to get done! 

Well I'll be back later! Hopefully with pictures :) 

Happy Thursday everyone! 
-Blessings from the Creative housewife! 

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