Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Christmas To-do list!

So I thought it would be fun to post my Christmas to-do list! It might push me a little harder to get things done if I get to mark them off on my blog!

1-Make tree skirt
2-Make stockings for pup & Bonnie!! -was going to make the dear hubby and I ours too! but can't find or afford the fabric this year! so maybe next year!
3-Make pin wheel ornaments! -Hope they turn out good! I've had alot of ornaments I've tried to make turn out like crap!
4-Make ribbon ornaments!- Sounds simple! but very time consuming!
5-Make Rag ball ornaments!- They were one of those ornaments that didn't turn out!
6-Make Christmas cards!
7-Make Christmas party invitations!
8-Finish rice bag covers for a friend! 
9- Make dogie bandannas -For my sorta but not really sister and her boyfriend!
WRAPPING PRESENTS! That is a huge job in it's self! 
And my Christmas baking! Another list in its self!
I will be trying to post pictures of each thing as I check them off the list! 
And I know I'm forgetting a few things so I will prolly be adding a few things too! 

Happy readings all! 
-The creative housewife!

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  1. hi megan, dropping you a note to say that i stopped by your blog and am your ornament swapper. :-)