Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A bit of my life!

Hi everyone! 
Thought I would try to get a good post in before folding laundry! 

Today was a good day! went by super fast! 
As some of you might know I watch kids! Kinda like a daycare I guess you could say? very small I only watch one right now that is full time I just lost my other full time kid last week! 
But it's a ton of fun! today I didn't have The little dude until 2:30 So I went and did some shopping with my mil at Costco and then went and did the rest of my other grocery shopping for the stuff that was on sale! 

Snuck into Joann's too :) 
Did get much just a couple tiny hole punches :) 
oh and some paper and a couple Christmas fat quarters! :) 

I came home got everything put away and then had to go get my nieces from school! Then we all came home and I worked on laundry and they played with the pup! 

I made dinner and cleaned the kitchen up! The little dude got picked up around 7ish and the girls and dear hubby are playing the wii well I'm taking my down time to blog  :) 

I have so many Christmas projects needing to be done it's crazy! I'm slowing attacking them!  

The baking season is slowly starting at my house! I LOVE to bake! I'm getting better at cooking! but I LOVE to bake!  There will be recipes and hopefully pictures of everything I make between now and Christmas! 

Well I guess I need to get that mound of laundry that is clean! yet not folded!
Sorry about the randomness! 
Hoping to get more exciting postings soon!
happy readings!
-The creative housewife!

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